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dylan lamar

architecT developer
energy consultant

With a visionary drive and a diverse background Dylan launched Cultivate in order to overcome conventional barriers to sustainable architecture.

This led him to become an advocate for walkable neighborhoods.

This led him into real-estate development...

With deep consideration of humankind and ecology, Dylan has been fortunate to be able to pursue the work he loves. He is one of the leading architects of sustainable housing in the country, with a wide-ranging specialization in Passive House energy-efficiency, “Missing Middle” housing, and walkable, community-oriented urban design. He also enjoys getting his hands dirty, from leading volunteer construction projects to wrenching on his own house.

Dylan began his architectural career designing the first low-income Passive House to be built in America in 2005 as an intern working with Katrin Klingenberg who went on to establish the Passive House Institute-US. After graduation from the University of Oregon in 2009, Dylan began work with Green Hammer, an award-winning design-build firm in Portland, where he practiced in a highly collaborative atmosphere that has defined his approach to architecture and development. While at Green Hammer he was not only instrumental in the design of innovative Net Zero Energy courtyard-community housing projects, but also consulted on numerous Passive House and Net Zero Energy projects locally and nationally.

Ever enthusiastic in sharing his experience, Dylan also enjoys teaching and research. His experience includes teaching Passive House consultant training (2009), University of Oregon terminal studio (2016, supporting Professor Peter Keyes), many conference workshops, and a graduate teaching and research fellowship. In 2010 he authored Urbanize & Insulate: The Development of a Fossil-Fuel Exit Strategy, a compilation of his master’s degree research.

Dylan holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas (2003), and studied Structural Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign before he encountered the field of sustainable architecture.

Dylan maintains an active Zen meditation practice which guides and fosters his life work and creative energy. May we all together awaken to our grasping minds and nurture harmony for all, together.


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kip lohr

lohr real estate

With decades of experience as a "consumer advocate" realtor, Kip brings seasoned perspective to Cultivate's work, helping to ensure that we work within market constraints while still pushing the envelope.