ankeny row


2525 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon




Ankeny Row LLC
Green Hammer Design-Build
    Daryl Rantis - Lead Architect (SD - DD)
    Jan Fillinger - Project Architect (SD - DD)
    Dylan Lamar - Lead Architect (CD - CA)
                           Project Architect (SD - DD)
                           Energy Consultant

Ankeny Row is a beautiful example of the innovative types of housing that are possible when zoning restrictions and off-street parking requirements are loosened. The pocket neighborhood consists of seven owner-occupied townhouses and flats around a central courtyard, including a small common house with shared amenities. The design was carefully crafted to preserve solar access and has achieved Net Zero Energy performance through the use of Passive House planning principles including a highly insulated, airtight envelope and continuous heat-recovery ventilation. The annual energy demand of all three buildings is met by solar panels located on only one building’s roof. At 21 units per acre the homes also demonstrate that the “critical mass" density required to achieve walkability can be accomplished without the need for intrusively tall apartment buildings.